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Website Maintenance & Support

Website Maintenance & Support

A website should be maintained with keen attention and should be updated regularly – this is another important thing that is required for every web based business. Unfortunately, many people do not take close attention to this and therefore their website loose revenue and visitors from search engines. jamaica website maintenance

The website should be updated regularly so that visitors can enjoy different news, updates and offers of the company. Engaging your potential customer is important – otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to convert them into the loyal clients or customers.

We can manege your website maintenance weather its a CMS or a php or html coded website.  Maintaining a website is not at all easy and for this, you need expertise and specialized skills. Through our professional experience as a service provider, we have the skills and the experience to do this for your website.

Here are some outline:

  • Header or design or look of the website change after a period of time to provide a fully new and trustworthy feeling to the visitors
  • News Updates
  • Maintaining extra programming features
  • Website Makeover to enhance the look
  • Updating the website with latest offers
  • Product page and information update
  • Payment gateway and database are checked periodically to eliminate the chance of possible errors that can harm the reputation of an organization

Don’t forget that every time you make a major change or update that there should be a current backup pulled first. This is mission critical stuff. You don’t want to lose your data due to a failed update, so always have a current backup of your entire website!

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