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Google penguin 2.0 update 2014

After the recent Google Penguin 2.0 Update (that has been rolled out on 22nd of May), 74% of  customers reported that their rankings have improved for 27 positions on average. 15% didn’t respond yet, and the rest 11% have seen insufficient rankings decrease for 3-4 positions. So

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Get More web design with Bootstrap. Tools & Tuts

Get Better with Bootstrap. Tools & Tuts Bootstrap as the easy and smart framework was specially created for cross-browser, consistent and attractive interfaces. Basically, it is a perfectly packed “tool chest” that provides really simple and fast creation of professional websites. It has well-thought HTML/CSS/Javascript structure, that

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Website design prices in Jamaica

Website design prices Despite some of the negative feedback, I find your prices exceptionally reasonable. Website design prices.   I actually find pricing websites is largely dependent on the client and not necessarily a boilerplate price list. I also find that most independent designers severely undervalue their

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