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Banner Advertisement

We Offer Banner Advertising on Falmouth Travel Guide is a online travel magazine website that welcomes thousands of visitors to its pages each month and targets  Cruise arrival Guests & Jamaicans at home and abroad, Researchers of  information about Jamaica, tourists who wish  to visit Jamaica and any internet surfer needing almost any Falmouth Trelawny of  other Jamaica related information

Advertising your products, business services or events on is very cost effective and will do well to drive sales and build awareness of your brand.  Most of our visitors are located in Jamaica and  the United States. Please contact us if you would like to advertise on

Ad Size and Placement Cost offers banner advertising, sizes varies, a 468×60 pixel banner at the top of Several pages, a 250×250 pixel banner in the right column of multiple pages and a250px × 100px pixel banner in the right sidebar of main pages.

Placement of the 468×60 pixel banner on the website. Header position and clearly viewable to all visitors.

Cost: us$100 or JA$8,400 per quarter – only 2 spots will be sold – 2 spots available

Placement of the 250×250 pixel banner and 250×100 pixel banner  on the website. Bold  and clearly viewable to all website visitors. This is the most visible and popular ad placement location of the website.

Special Cost: us$20 or JA$1,700 per month – only 4 spots will be sold – 4 spots available

Special Cost: us$15 or JA$1,100 per month – only 3 spots will be sold – 3 spots available

Please contact us if you would like to advertise on or sister site.